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About FWD

FWD Creative Content is a video, photo, and writing production team in Columbus, Ohio. FWD believes in purpose built content. This means we want to create the piece that will maximize engagement and minimize cost. Increasingly, we strive to be more conceptual in our content, yet we balance authenticity with creativity.


Good content starts with good writing. Seems simple, doesn't it? FWD's team includes writers because we think this is what separates our stories from the other video production teams.


FWD focuses on maximizing production quality for our projects within the given budget. There's no secret to get there, just hard work. We want to be as proud of the content we create as our partners.


We can create great content, but FWD can also ensure we get eyeballs on it. We have been on the front lines of social media, you-tube, and traditional ad campaigns, and prefer to plan for promotion.

Content Creation

Video production is our toast and jam, but we specialize in creating content that is usable in multiple forms. We want to be valuable to our partners maximizing quality and impact while minimizing cost.

Commercial Spot

A commercial quality spot isn't just for TV. Some brands need quality videos for digital channels such as HULU or even YouTube's TrueView. These videos can be used to deliver a specific call to action or reinforce part of the brand identity. When it comes to price, the devil is in the details.

Web Hero Video

This is a 1 to 2 minute video to be displayed as a hero image on your website. This is a great way to share an origin story of your brand, or an engaging client testimonial. The focus is on crafting a story around your brand. FWD includes a small budget to promote the video for 30 days.

Social Content

Sometimes your brand needs quantity. FWD specializes in creating content for large brands social channels. We can do this at a low cost by creating several videos or photos in one day. In a full day shoot FWD can create 5-6 engaging videos for your Facebook, blog, Instagram, or vine channels.

Startup Video

If you are a start up, don't worry. We are too! We love to work with small businesses helping them get off the ground. This is a run and gun video shoot in half a day. We will capture the founder or testimonial story with BRoll visuals to support the story.

Our Creative Team

FWD is a small shop with a large talent pool. We can staff up for large sets or keep the project lean.


2025 Riverside Drive, Suite 105, Columbus OH 43212


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