May 2015

Bags Valet

Fwd was hired by Cement Marketing to lead production for Bags Valet and help create a promotional video and three specific service videos on location in Florida. Josh Fitzwater, from Cement marketing, wrote, directed and produced these pieces.

The Story

Let’s talk goals. Right away we knew we needed to create as much content for each video, so we didn’t have to make a second trip – because let’s face it. Florida is too far for a day trip! Another goal was to not go over our budget, which included production and post-production (shooting and editing) for all four videos. Cement Marketing took care of all the creative and traveling expenses. (Free meals? We’re okay with that!) This process started in June with shooting and ended in November with editing. The videos were shot on our C300 Canon camera. We were hired to lead the production.

Bags Valet is in Florida so naturally, we had to get there first. So in June 2014, our team of three took off to sunny, sunny Florida.

We quickly realized this project came with some challenges. Challenge number one: Traveling equals less equipment, a smaller crew and more difficulty bringing said equipment. Challenge number two: We had no way to scout the locations we were shooting in before we got there. Unfortunately, this meant: a surprise.

We had planned on only making one trip for all of the videos but once we got there and started shooting, it was obvious we needed more time to get the shots. The next time we went, we got better results and quality. It helped that we saved one full video for the second trip. There were more opportunities to get the right shots. It was actually good we went back a second time because we nailed it!

Something we couldn’t control, no matter how hard we wanted to was the heat. Florida sun and long shoots don’t mix or at least not very well. The talent and our crew were literally dripping in sweat from head to toe. One member of the talent got so fatigued from the heat and struggled to keep up. Weather is the worst. Under desert-like conditions, we found it really, really hard to work. We perspired….but we persevered.

This project took a whopping 256 hours from the shooting stage in June to final editing in November! We had never spent so many hours on one project – so triple digit hours was an astonishing first for us!

We achieved a high-quality concept branding video with three informative marketing pieces – all with better quality than normal service videos for the web. For the budget we were allowed, we were able to create four high quality videos for the price one normal brand piece would cost. This was an impressive feat! And one thing is for sure, we will bring extra water and sunscreen next time we shoot in Florida!

The Details

256 Hours

Pre Pro 2hours
Production 32hours
Post 150hours

Production Team

  • Drector (CLIENT)
  • DP
  • AC
  • PA

Production Cost

This spot was concepted and produced by Cement Marketing

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