Apr 2015

DSW Shoe Lovers

DSW employees love shoes….and serving non-profits! The program “Shoe Lovers Care” encourages employees to contribute their time to non-profits they care about. We made these videos to both promote and explain this program.

The Story

DSW wanted some nice videos they would be proud to show their employees and at the same time explain the features of this program. We started in March 2015 with a hefty budget of $3,000. The team included Serge, Kevin, Josh and a graphic designer.  FWD took responsibility of being the Grip, Director of Photography and Assistant Camera.

DSW has a diverse group of employees and that was something specific they wanted to highlight in their videos. This was a challenge because we used some of their internal employees and some people just aren’t comfortable on camera. We had to make people more comfortable. Our production schedule was hard to coordinate with the employees so that didn’t help either.

There were a few loose ends that threw us for a loop in this process later on. The editing stage could have gone a tad smoother. We introduced graphics to the program but the client wasn’t sure about our branded graphics, but for good reasons so we can’t blame them. We had a little coaching session with them and explained how consistent everything needed to be as a brand. We updated that and also explained that because video is a different channel, some web features wouldn’t work on video. There was a lot to update. With a little more understanding of what they were looking for, we cleared it up. Problem solved.

We created a well-lit piece with engaging graphics that showed why the employees love the Shoe Lovers Care Program. We like to think the videos showed the employees in their best light. Literally!

The Details

50 Hours

Pre Production 10Hours
Production 8Hours
Post 32Hours

Production Team

  • DP / Director
  • AC
  • PA

Production Cost


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