Feb 2015


Our Good4Growth video was concepted and directed by Origo Branding, a branding agency, for their non-profit client. It is a positive video for parents.

The Story

We had previously worked with Origo Branding Company so we were pumped to collaborate on another project with Tommaso and Alessandro. Our experiences with Origo have been great, they are super creative and talented when it comes to storytelling. Their ideas are concrete and they are great to collaborate with on set, to bring ideas to life.

The goal of this collaboration was to promote sincere and positive interactions between parents and their children, for the non-profit, Good 4 Growth.

To stay within budget, we used DSLR equipment and fluorescent lighting to get the job done. Our four person video crew was present. The client directed and produced, while we were the Director of Photography. This was an eight hour shoot and it took about three and a half days to edit.

This video was shot in January, so it was cold to say the least! The temperature was three degrees to be exact. We were all freezing. Because it was so cold, we were forced to shoot in 30 minutes increments and we even had trouble focusing our cameras! The weather was the biggest factor in our shoot and because we had a child in our video, it was difficult to keep her focused and attentive in these conditions.

Another challenge we faced was showing a believable and heartfelt relationship between the father and daughter, played by two actors who didn’t know each other before the shoot. We knew it was important to give them clear and concise directions. If the girl struggled a bit, we had a team member entertain or coach her through it, which was a huge help. The father was great at acting with her and took steps to relax her, by making her laugh and goofing off. Alessandro even gave her a break when it got hard. Josh Fitzwater focused on the daughter and Kevin McIntyre focused on getting the shots.

In the end, we all pulled through the challenges brought on by the frigid weather and really put together a spot that shows emotion and a real connection. We were within budget and felt good about the results. This was definitely a memorable shoot for all of us.

The Details

50 Hours

Pre Production 5Hours
Production 8Hours
Post 37Hours

Production Team

  • DP / Director
  • AD
  • AC
  • PA

Production Cost

This spot was concepted and produced by Origo Branding Company

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