May 2015

Groom Genie

We worked with Honest Advertising to create a video demonstrating a new grooming product for animals in shelters and highlight the values of the company.

The Story

The FWD team included a Director, Assistant Camera, Gaffer and extras for on camera. We spent roughly 30 hours on this project. Our goals were to highlight the values of the company. The company is completely invested in helping pets in need, so we really wanted to show that in the video. And of course, show the product being used on some cute animals! We started this spot in January 2015.

Shooting went pretty smoothly. FWD coordinated the location of the shoot but unfortunatley there wasn’t any signage outside of the animal shelter so we had to go without an establishing shot. The biggest challenge we had to deal with was coordinating with the humane society so we could shoot the animals – but Honest Advertising arranged that so it wasn’t a problem.

The company is based in Colorado so we thought it would make sense to create an office that recreated that environment. Shout out to The Wonder Jam, because we used their amazing studio space again. We had to make a lot of props for the set so it looked like a start up. Fun but challenging.

One of the biggest challenges was finding a delivery truck without a logo so we could use it and we weren’t exactly in the market to buy an unlabeled truck. With that in mind, we completely gutted the warehouse. From top to bottom. We brought in some lighting to make it feel like an office and we created packaging labels for the fake delivery service.

The video turned out great. It was efficiently produced, mostly because of the  the effort the clients put into it.The shoot was one of THE smoothest we have ever had and that says a lot. Brad Web was a really great director to work with and had a clear vision for what he imagined. Creating the props with a large team proved to be no challenge. The art direction was amazing and and the team, a complete dream to work with.



The Details

32 Hours

Pre Production 4Hours
Production 8Hours
Post Production 28Hours

Production Team

  • 33
  • AC
  • PA

Production Cost

This spot was concepted and produced by Honest Advertising

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