We worked with our client Warhol & Wall St. to create an informational video for The Ohio Department of Education, promoting various ways to earn a high school degree. It focused heavily on students having a choice in the way they graduate.

The Story

We worked on this video from December 2014 through January 2015. It took roughly two, six hour evenings and 48 hours of editing for a total of about six days from start to finish.

We shot with a 4k Red Scarlet Dragon (meaning awesome zooming in and out capabilities!) as well as DSLR equipment. So yeah, this was a fun shoot.

FWD’s roles also included scheduling and finding students from all over Columbus to interview. We met with a lot of students. Then we met with more students.

For this specific video, we knew we needed to be informative to our audience – high school students. The goal was to portray the information about graduating options in a way they would understand and be interested in learning about. After all, this video is for them. We also set our sights on showing how much the students knew about the benefit of this new testing.

The major restraints of this project were in the editing stage. With only a short amount of time to catch and hold the attention of high school students, we knew it had to be effective and relevant to them. It also had to be informational enough through the content we chose. And of course, we didn’t want the styling of the video to be too distracting. However, styling was secondary to the information we presented. This was a tall order.

We aimed for a young, upbeat and energetic voice over, to be more relatable to the high school students. FWD was also responsible for finding the voice over talent. We utilized really appropriate background music to license, and at a good price too – so that was a win for us. While editing the interviews, we decided to use short phrases rather than full portions of commentary from the students. This meant more than a lot of cuts, for a clear and clean look. Using different camera angles, we achieved the vision we had.

The end result was a white and consistent, professional video that showcased students and their opinions. The client absolutely loved it and we spent very little time changing anything after they viewed it. We patted ourselves on the back after this one.

The Details

48 Hours

Pre Productoin
Post Production

Production Team

  • Director (Client)
  • DP
  • AC
  • PA

Production & Post

This spot was produced by Warhol & Wall St. FWD & Too Tall Animation Studio helped to create the concept.

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