May 2015

Staver Law

Postali was hired by Staver Law Group to market and do a redesign of their website. In the past Postali has hired FWD and Render Arcade to produce videos and this was yet another project to collaborate on.


The Goals

This time around FWD was hired to write, direct, shoot and edit the video for Jared Staver Law Group. We had our hands full for this one. For these videos we had specific goals in mind. We wanted to brand the law group by focusing on the company values and create an emotional connection with the viewer, in a digital advertising spot plus a corporate spot.

The team included Benji, Serge, Kevin, Keith and our roles were Director of Photography, Assistant Camera, Grip and Audio Engineer. We started with this project in May 2014 and hard-core worked from there on.

The Challenges

We were asked to produce two videos, a corporate branded piece and a dramatic piece.  Sounds simple, right? Both scripts were great. We shot alongside a photography crew to create the two videos and had a photo shoot all within a two day period. Each video had a different goal completely, so our solution was to create incredibly detailed storyboards and shot-lists for each piece. The more detail, the smoother production would go. We wanted to be more detailed and hopefully less confused getting into the thick of it. 

We were also able to go to Chicago, where Staver Law Group is,  to film client testimonials. This helped make the videos less dry and boring with real stories. Plus, we love Chi-Town. The client testimonials were for a separate shoot. Production took 24 hours and post-production took a mean 70 hours but for six videos, that was a good deal.

The Results

We created a lot of content for the website! Six videos to be exact. A hero video, client testimonials and a great dramatic video, which was no extra cost to the client because we used the same scenes we already had.

The Details

70 Hours

Pre Production 16Hours
Production 24Hours
Post Production 30Hours

Production Team

  • DP
  • AC
  • PA / Audio

Production Cost

This spot was concepted and produced by Postali

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