Tim Horton’s introduced a new line of products featuring, the one and only…Nutella hazelnut spread. This meant creating social media content to drive awareness and interest in this new line. Yum!

The Story

With any social media content, the goal is to focus on content that will be engaged by the viewer. Anything that would be liked, commented on and shared was what we aimed for with both video and photo content. FWD’s role was photographer, production assistant and we also took charge of  finding the models. We finished this project in May 2015. Time spent on this project was about five shoots, at about 2 hours each plus some time editing. We’re talking about 20 hours total. Not included: time drooling over Nutella donuts.

First things first. We needed models for this project.  Unfortunately we realized, most people have day jobs. It was difficult to get access to people for as long as we needed. Also, surprise surprise. It’s a little hard to find people who want to be filmed eating donuts! We had a small budget for models but we ended up and spent a little more than we had planned for the talent and extras and less on props.

A second challenge we faced was a quick change in creative direction. Tim’s decided to cut out faces of the models we shot because competitors only showed hands rather than faces. With that in mind, we scrapped entire shoots, re-edited and re-shot. Extra work? Kinda sorta.

Something else we stumbled into was we used branded cups for camp day photos but later we found out these cups were only to be used through a specific date. The fix for this? Shoot more iced coffee!

We cranked out a lot of content for the client. It was more than they needed but we gave them content for months and months to come and we gave them lots of food photography that was good enough to eat!

The Details

37 Hours

Pre Production 5Hours
Production 8Hours
Post 24Hours

Production Team

  • Photographer / DP
  • PA

Production Cost

This project was concepted by The Launch Farm

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