Tim Horton’s launched a social media campaign for Tim’s Tacky Sweater around Christmastime. Launch Farm, a Columbus marketing firm, hired FWD to create a strategy for this campaign. Tim Horton’s and Launch Farm won “Best Social Media Campaign” at the PRSA Prism awards for this work  and we were proud to be a part of the campaign!

The Story

The campaign used the hashtag #TimsTackySweater –  and anyone wearing a Christmas sweater was invited to upload a picture of themselves decked out with their Tim Horton’s coffee, to social media channels. The most creative and “tacky” supporters of Christmas sweaters were rewarded with Tim Horton’s gift packages. Even Tim Horton’s cups joined in on the fun and were sporting tacky decor. In this case – the tackier, the better! The festive social media campaign launched on Black Friday, just in time for Christmas, and ran continuously throughout the holiday season.

The goals during Thanksgiving and Christmas time, were to engage Tim Horton’s fans through social media outlets and get a surplus of likes, comments and shares. Of course, the use of the hashtag #TimsTackySweater was vital.

Our team included one and a half people, (Yes, that makes sense) plus a lot of extras. This took around 16 hours from start to finish.

Under the leadership of Launch Farm, we had the brilliant idea to create more content than the client would need. More ideas, always better, right? But later we realized this was a challenge  – too many ideas and a lot of work at the start. It was a top-heavy project. Our reasoning was good though, test out certain content, get a reaction from viewers and work from there. If the response was positive, we could use more, similar content. This was a lot of producing in the beginning. Some might even say too much!

The client was really pleased and liked what we did for them. Because it was a successful campaign, they trusted us for their upcoming campaign, “Roll Up the Rim To Win”. We enjoyed working with them and eating the leftover donuts and coffee wasn’t bad either.

The Details


Pre Production 5Hours
Production 8Hours
Post 8Hours

Production Team

  • DP / Photographer
  • PA

Production Cost

This spot was concepted and produced by The Launch Farm

More to the Story

Some FWD samples and user generated content.

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