Dec 2015

USA Sevens Rugby

United World Sports contacted Charles Berlepsch and FWD to produce their fall 2015 TV spot promoting a USA Sevens Rugby tournament in 2016.

The Story

United World Sports reached out to FWD collaborator Charles Berlepsch to film their Fall 2015 USA Rubgy TV spot. The company sponsors a rugby tournament in Las Vegas and fortunately Jeff at UWS thought ahead and hired us to film while a fan base was already organized.

The mission we signed up for was a fast paced one day shoot both on the strip in Vegas and on the rugby field at the UNLV stadium. The clients concept centered on a diverse showing of fans together in Las Vegas. We closed down a section of the strip in from of The Monte Carlo and filmed the bulk of the spot with hundreds of extras from 5am to noon. We shot on on 3 RED cameras to maximize angle and shots during the given time. Then headed to the stadium for game and fan footage.

With a Director, AD, DP, a few Camera Operators, and PAs we had a large team. Trying to execute three shots including some jib moves in a short window was ambitious. Progress was slow because of camera set ups and controlling a large set, the crew found a rhythm.

We had trust our roles and trust the plan put in place. Each camera was assigned a focal length, and it became important to trust the other cameras were covering the content. The Director & AD had to work seamlessly to organize one set up while executing another.

The spot came together from a collaborative editing process with the client and FWD. Charles, Kevin (owner of FWD), and Jeff (the client) all took turns piecing together the footage. In the end the client made the final cut which aired on national TV. The video was also posted to Youtube & Facebook, where the video is closing in on 1Million views.

The Details

94 Hours

Pre Production 16Hours
Production 8Hours
Post Production 50Hours
  • Client / Producer
  • Director
  • Line Producer
  • Assistant Director
  • DP
  • Camera Operators
  • PAs

Production Cost

$14,000 (approx.)

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